Commerce without limits

Swell is the customizable, API-first ecommerce platform designed for next-generation shopping experiences.


  • idobjectid
  • emailstring
  • addressesarray[object]
  • attributesobject
  • balancecurrency
  • cardsarray[object]
  • cartsarray[object]
  • currencystring
  • groupstring
  • localestring
  • ordersarray[object]
  • order_valuecurrency
  • subscriptionsarray[object]
  • vat_numberstring
  • + 18 fields


  • idobjectid
  • itemsarray[object]
  • order_idobjectid
  • carrier_namestring
  • date_estimateddate
  • destinationobject
  • notificationsarray[object]
  • originobject
  • packagesarray[object]
  • service_namestring
  • tracking_codestring
  • labelobject
  • + 7 fields


  • idobjectid
  • abandoned_notificationsint
  • accountlink
  • currencystring
  • checkout_urlstring
  • itemsarray[object]
  • grand_totalcurrency
  • orderlink
  • promotionsarray[object]
  • + 68 fields

Gift cards

  • idobjectid
  • account_idobjectid
  • amountcurrency
  • amount_spentcurrency
  • balancecurrency
  • codestring
  • currencystring
  • debitsarray[object]
  • + 19 fields


  • idobjectid
  • attributesobject
  • categoriesarray[link]
  • costcurrency
  • descriptionstring
  • imagesarray[object]
  • namestring
  • optionsarray[object]
  • pricecurrency
  • review_ratingint
  • sale_pricecurrency
  • skustring
  • stock_levelint
  • + 51 fields


  • idobjectid
  • namestring
  • parent_idobjectid
  • activebool
  • attributesobject
  • currencystring
  • imagesarray[object]
  • option_value_idsarray[objectid]
  • pricecurrency
  • purchase_optionsobject
  • skustring
  • stock_levelint
  • + 15 fields


  • idobjectid
  • accountlink
  • couponlink
  • currencystring
  • discountsarray[object]
  • grand_totalcurrency
  • itemsarray[object]
  • ordersarray[object]
  • paymentsarray[object]
  • plan_idobjectid
  • recurring_totalcurrency
  • statusenum
  • + 93 fields


  • idobjectid
  • locationstring
  • parent_idobjectid
  • quantityint
  • reasonenum
  • reason_messagestring
  • variant_idobjectid
  • + 12 fields


  • idobjectid
  • accountlink
  • billingobject
  • cartlink
  • couponlink
  • currencystring
  • date_scheduleddate
  • deliveredbool
  • discountsarray[object]
  • giftbool
  • grand_totalcurrency
  • itemsarray[object]
  • paidbool
  • paymentsarray[object]
  • refundsarray[object]
  • shipmentsarray[object]
  • + 109 fields


  • idobjectid
  • namestring
  • activebool
  • codesarray[object]
  • currencystring
  • date_expireddate
  • date_validdate
  • discount_groupstring
  • discountsarray[object]
  • limit_usesint
  • use_countint
  • usesarray[object]
  • + 13 fields

Use the tech you love

Our JavaScript SDK is client-safe and can be used with any JAMstack tooling to create modern commerce applications for unique business needs.

import swell from './utils/client.js'

export default function ProductPage({ product, localPrice }) {
  return (

export async function getStaticProps({ params }) {
  const product = await swell.products.get(params.slug)
  const localPrice = swell.currency.format(product.price)
  return { 
    props: { product, localPrice }
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Content modeling

Radical data flexibility

Add fields to standard models and create entirely new ones to store business data and content together.

How to use custom fields
Dashboard view of Short text field
Product modeling

Complex configurations, without the hassle

Sell configurable and personalized products, bundles, and subscriptions without limits on the number of options or variants.

Unlimited options and variants.

Flexible, rich product variation modeling with selectable values, boolean toggles, and open-ended text inputs in one place.

Illustration of Unlimited options and variants

Shared custom attributes.

Define filterable characteristics and specifications across your entire product catalog—just like a PIM.

Illustration of Shared custom attributes

Configurable bundles.

Make any combination of products into a bundle, with each item keeping its own SKU for accurate inventory tracking and individual fulfillment if required.

Illustration of Configurable bundles

Independent variant control.

Choose which product options to generate variant combinations for, and manage inventory, pricing, images, text, and availability for each SKU separately.

Illustration of Independent variant control

Easy cross-sells.

Increase average order value by promoting complementary products based on cart contents.

Illustration of Easy cross-sells
We now have a proper ecommerce solution that does everything we want and needed. That’s something we’ve only dreamt about for a very long time.

Vitaly Friedman

Co-founder of Smashing Magazine

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Intuitive dashboard

Give your admin team a UI to manage store operations, edit custom content, generate reports, and access chat support.

Process orders from any channel in one place. Edit items, discounts, payments, and shipment details before fulfilling, with a log of all events.

Dashboard view for Orders

What people are saying

    • I’ve spent far too many hours of my life hacking together APIs that were an afterthought. Reading your docs gives me the same breath of fresh air I felt when reading Stripe’s documentation for the first time many years ago :)

    • Headless and API-first solutions is our preference because of the need for flexibility and interoperability. Swell was the most complete offer, with subscriptions and personalization included.

      Antoine Caillet
      Founder of Ultro
      Bio image of Antoine Caillet
    • You seem to be tackling the common issues with other platforms (such as multi-language and multi-currency) in a beautiful and more importantly simple way.

    • So sick that you can have a bunch of options, select whether or not they generate variants, etc…I can’t tell you how many hacky things I’ve done with Shopify to achieve this.

      Joseph Thomas
      Software Developer at Sanctuary Computer
      Bio image of Joseph Thomas
    • It’s clear you guys have put a lot of thought into the design of the API. We’ve evaluated 14 commerce platforms so far and very few offer all of the endpoints and properties necessary for truly headless commerce so we’re always excited to find a new platform that has everything covered.

      Rhen Zabel
      Co-Founder of VIOLET
      Bio image of Rhen Zabel
    • Using Swell for subscriptions, it just works. We develop it, it shows up in the dashboard, it’s beautiful and all integrated. It just makes sense.

      Claudio Christian Fofiu
      Director of Technology at Monogram
      Bio image of Claudio Christian Fofiu
    • The ability to create custom notifications and have them blend in seamlessly with the rest of the notifications is so nice. For example, seeing my custom shipping confirmation email in the dashboard... chef's kiss.

    • Swell was very easy to work with. I could get all the information out of the backend very easily, and you could tell it was something that was thought about from the beginning.

      Yuliy Schwartzburg
      Co-Founder, THE RAYY
      Bio image of Yuliy Schwartzburg

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