Handwritten notes for the digital age

Wunderpen develops innovative technology that recreates the swirling movements of ink gliding across a page. Looking to the future, they worked with agency Deltologic and Swell to build a fully customized ecommerce platform.

The Brief

Wunderpen is bringing back the art of the handwritten note with a distinctly modern twist.

The young company has developed innovative technology that quickly and efficiently generates handwritten notes. Their proprietary machines recreate the swirling movements of an ink pen gliding across a page.

“If you want to send 1,000 Christmas cards, you can send Wunderpen the format, text, and design and their robots write them all in a fraction of the time—and they really look like handwritten cards,” says Raffy Kumruyan, Head of Project Management at Deltologic, Wunderpen’s technology partner.

Customers can choose from a diverse selection of handwriting or pre-digitalized fonts of employees, friends, and family. Every note is unique, and it’s virtually impossible to tell the difference between a Wunderpen card written by a robot and one written by a human hand.

To streamline their operations and expand their business, Wunderpen needed an equally innovative ecommerce platform to support their growth ambitions.

Wunderpen has created innovative technology where robots can recreate ink handwriting on paper.

The Challenge

The first step to significantly expand Wunderpen’s operations was to build an engaging website and storefront that streamlines the ordering process for customers.

“When Wunderpen reached out to us, they didn’t have an ecommerce website. Most orders were being placed manually through the sales team, who then transmitted that information to the production team,” says Kumruyan. “That process involved too many people, created inefficiencies, and increased costs.”

Wunderpen turned to Deltologic, a software consultancy dedicated to developing the most intelligent custom solutions for marketplace sellers, to develop an ecommerce storefront that brings the full buyer journey online.

After meeting with Wunderpen's CEO, Peter Lecour, and diving into the company’s goals and ambitions, Deltologic concluded that Wunderpen needed an all-in-one system covering all of their business operations.

“The goal was to streamline the purchase experience so that customers no longer need to place orders over the phone with a person,” says Kumruyan. “We needed to make it easy to provide all of the order information online so that once an oder is placed, it automatically gets reformatted into production.”

The Solution

A platform that gives developers freedom

A flexible ecommerce platform that can be fully customized to make custom cards and manage different methods of uploading data.

Accessible dashboard

Simple CMS functionality for non-technical internal team to process payments and manage product orders.

Sophisticated features out-of-the-box

“Shopify is great for small projects. It’s easy and simple,” said Kumruyan. “But if you want something more in depth, you need something more sophisticated like Swell.”

What made Swell ‘The One’

  • Freedom to customize front end, giving developers control
  • API-first architecture that integrated into existing systems
  • Powerful dashboard with a clean user interface
  • Easy backend payment processing and order management
  • Sophisticated out-of-the-box features
  • Automated order processing and printing

The Results

Following extensive product design consultations, the Deltologic team got to work developing an integrated ecommerce store for Wunderpen.

Deltologic developed a custom online store built on Swell where clients can easily browse Wunderpen’s product offerings, input relevant order information like quantity and copy, and place their orders. The store is connected to Wunderpen’s internal sales system and ERP, automatically redirecting order information for approval. After the sales team approves an order, it gets automatically sent to the printers for production.

By Deltologic’s estimation, the new process is approximately ten times faster than the old system of manual operations—plus it completely removes the risk of human error.

“The final goal is to automate the entire Wunderpen process, from the customer choosing the right card to receiving it,” says Kumruyan. “But that will take some more time.”

Built with

Swell, Javascript, React, Tailwind CSS, Python, Django, PostgreSQL, Strapi, Stripe, Google Analytics, Google Ads, AWS, Gmail
Swell gives us the freedom to build the fully custom front end experiences customers need.
Raffy Kumruyan, Head of Project Management at Deltologic

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