Headless Commerce Summit

Swell is a future-proof commerce backend for developers to easily create unique, performant shopping experiences with your favorite JAMstack tooling.

Powerful features

Complex product modelling

Unlimited products and variants

Bulk discounts

Subscription products

Account-based pricing

Multi-language and multi-currency

Multiple coupons and promotions

Physical, virtual, and bundle products

Custom models

Extend Swell's standard models and create your own via API or the dashboard editor.

  • View standard data models and add custom fields
  • Create new content models with nested field structures
  • View the JSON representation of any model

Custom fields

Model content and business data together.

  • 10+ field types, including relational and collection fields
  • Supports localized content for text fields
  • Set validation rules for the field like required, unique, and character count limits

Put fields (almost) anywhere

Once you've added fields to standard models, you can edit them with the rest of your data.

  • Preview and tweak the field's input interface
  • Assign locations in the dashboard to display custom fields for admins to edit
  • Add custom fields to standard models like orders, customers, products, and more

Model explorer

A new visualization tool that enables you to get the most out of Swell's data models.

  • View, organize, and interact with your data models
  • Search for models, fields, and relationships (edges) between models
  • Click on an object or field to see a JSON representation
  • Displays standard and custom models

Backend API

Node.js SDK with built-in caching

Full CRUD capabilities for all models

Auth with secret key for server-side use

Storefront API

Vanilla JavaScript SDK

Perfect for JAMstack storefronts

Auth with public key for client-side use

Prebuilt headless storefronts

Full stack JS apps designed for different business models, fully integrated with our visual editor. They enable non-technical users to start selling right away, or serve as starting point for developers and agencies to build more customized solutions with.

  • Use our storefront apps as a base for implementing custom functionality
  • Implements consistent patterns for state management, data fetching, and handling settings from the visual editor
  • Host with Swell or your preferred static hosting service

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