Bringing advanced baby essentials direct to parents

Five passionate parents spent the last decade using their engineering and medical expertise to design advanced baby essentials for other retailers. It was time to go direct.

The Brief

With over 50 U.S. patents and 30 million units sold through major retail brands like Target and Babies R Us. To connect directly with eager parents, Smilo needed a versatile, customizable ecommerce platform.

  • A smooth shopping experience that’s user-friendly and on-brand
  • Bundle related products to capture more sales
  • Integrate with ShipStation, a third party shipping fulfillment partner
  • Accept payments through both Amazon Pay and Stripe
  • Enable campaigns like coupons and rules-driven promotions
  • Design email marketing automation like abandoned cart and upsells

The Solution

Smilo joined forces with Swell to bring their unique products to life through a fully customized, branded storefront.

Simple shop management

With their long and ever-growing list of inventory, Smilo has a lot of product information to manage. With Swell’s bulk editing features, Smilo can now create new products, set inventory and pricing, or enable discount codes with a few clicks.

A customized brand experience

An eye-catching, fully-branded ecommerce experience, from the products list to checkout. Swell organized a mashup of baby products into an intuitive design, making the Smilo shopping experience a friendly one.

Product bundling to increase revenue

Smilo’s extensive and varied product selection could be overwhelming to customers. Swell made it easy for Smilo to simplify choices for their customers by recommending related products and highlighting package deals.

Next-level marketing strategy

Smilo wanted to be strategic with their marketing tactics, and with Swell, it’s almost automatic. From category-specific discounts to multi-tier abandoned cart emails, best practices for ecommerce are all built-in features, with no plugins or extra costs.

No worries order fulfillment

Smilo didn’t have an operations team for order fulfillment and shipping, so they needed their ecommerce to integrate with their third party fulfillment vendor. Swell enabled seamless integration of Smilo’s new store with ShipStation.

Seamless payments from Stripe and Amazon Pay

Checkout can be the make-or-break point for ecommerce stores. Swell enables Smilo’s to integrate with both Stripe and Amazon Pay so customers can use their preferred payment method.

Swell allowed Smilo full control over their site in a headless commerce experience, without having to build from scratch.

Take ecommerce to the next level with Swell