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Reinventing how couples commit to forever

Great Heights is a direct-to-consumer diamond brand that delivers tried and true sparkle in a modern way — ethically created in a lab and sold online with a see-through business model.

The Brief

As serial entrepreneurs with several successful businesses under their belt, Great Heights knew this time they needed a headless ecommerce platform focused on design.

  • Create an experience that reflects the brand’s values and transparent pricing model
  • Have a robust global-scale API powering the store, with an intuitive dashboard for operations staff
  • Get the flexibility of a custom backend, without the high development and maintenance costs
  • Be able to iterate, test, and evolve the store’s design and UX easily as the brand grows

Great Heights had exhausted a long list of ecommerce options, considering Magento, Spree, Moltin and Shopify. Looking for global-scale API-first approach, combined with an intuitive and functional dashboard, Swell was the answer.

A headless ecommerce experience that works for everyone

Great Heights wanted to be able to make limitless changes with no design constraints and endless customization. With Swell, they were able to build a store that fits where they are and where they’re going, complete with an easy-to-use, adaptable dashboard that makes sense to their team.

The means to innovate with a serverless architecture

As an ambitious brand, Great Heights is always dreaming up new ways to improve the buying experience. Swell allowed them to create a serverless architecture made it easy for them to keep building to improve their customer journey and ensure they’d be able to scale with customer demand.

The power to focus on the technical side of sales

Swell’s dynamic capabilities allow the Great Heights team to fluidly experiment with their sales funnel, refining and evolving their ecommerce experience to reflect their learning as they get to know their customers –– and their customers’ needs.

Magento is expensive. Shopify is limiting. Moltin isn’t there yet. There are a lot of options but none of them are great.
Ryan Bonifacino – CTO

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