Tired of maintaining Magento?
Try Swell.

Setup, upgrades, hosting, development—it's harder than it should be. Swell’s powerful APIs, intuitive dashboard, and headless themes enable advanced customer and backend functionality with less effort.

  • Rapid prototyping
  • Modern, API-first development workflow
  • Lightning-fast out of the box
  • Transparent monthly pricing, no up-front costs
  • Long development timelines
  • Specialized and costly development workflow
  • Sluggish page load times
  • Up-front fees and high maintenance costs

How does Swell compare to Magento?

Headless themes
Magento Need to build from scratch
Customize without plugins
Launch quickly
No SEO limitations
Use any payment gateway
Tech support
Magento Very expensive
Coding languages
Swell Any
Magento PHP
Product attributes
Modern admin dashboard
Last reviewed August 2020. Compared with Magento 2. Report an error

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Why Swell vs. Magento

The flexibility of open-source with SaaS

Extensible architecture designed for customization, without relying on 3rd party apps

Headless themes — so you don’t have to build the frontend from scratch

Powerful features for both hosted and headless stores

Build without complexity and hefty price tags

Transparent monthly pricing with no hidden costs or transaction fees

Boost purchases through pre-orders, subscriptions, try-before-you-buy, and advanced promotions

Fully customizable checkouts, unlimited product options and attributes

Doesn’t require a large dev team to develop or maintain

Code in any language, using the tools you want

Build, test, and deploy faster with a git-based workflow for hosted storefront applications

Use JAMstack technologies to create performant front ends and deploy on Netlify, Vercel, and Heroku

Run multiple environments and preview updates before pushing them live

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